September's Winners

nickshelton80 a posted 4 hours ago
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of September! This month we actually had two users get a perfect 120 votes!

1st Place - smmherro
1st Place - yus0madbr0
2nd Place - Destroyer0229
3rd Place - AR308

Winners have one week to message me for their prize.
We're keeping the voting rewards the same for the month of October:

1st Place - 15$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 10$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 5$ Store Credit

You've probably noticed now that we only have four links now! This means you get 150$ and 2 items (different per server) for each link! For this month, If you have over the max ammount of votes (124) you will not recieve the prize!


nickshelton80 a posted Sep 3, 14
(9/28/14) - Colored Tab List is back after a long wait! Combat Tag is also back on most of our servers. We tried to fix more pets but sadly the plugin doesn't want to cooporate. A few memory leaks were also fixed, which should mean less lag!

(9/22/14) - Sorry for the lack of updates and keeping you all posted. Bukkit probably won't be updating to 1.8 - So we're eventually going to be using a plugin to bring use the new 1.8 blocks and what not, as soon as that's updated. We're still able to get spigot updates which is great news.

(9/9/14) - Pets are now back! Sorry for the long wait, Things still may be glitchy so please report any bugs. Currently zombies, endermen, and pigmen pets are disabled due to them crashing clients. This should be fixed soon.

You may connect to the server with either a 1.7.10 or a 1.8 client. We're running a build of Spigot that allows us to accept 1.8 clients, without any 1.8 features. We still have to wait for a bukkit update to get the new features.

A few things broke when installing the protocol build:

* Pets
* Holograms

Basically anything that is tricking the client into seeing things, broke. We're still working on getting these updated. For those with a pet, don't worry you still have your pet, It's all saved and you'll get it once the plugin updates.
nickshelton80 a Pets are available in our webstore: ...
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