October's Winners

nickshelton80 ao posted Oct 31, 14
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of October! For the second month in a row, We have a tie for first place!

1st Place - yus0madbr0
1st Place - greysnake99
2nd Place - Destroyer0229
3rd Place - Joshua92500

Winners have one week to message me for their prize.
We're keeping the voting rewards the same for the month of November:

1st Place - 15$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 10$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 5$ Store Credit

You've probably noticed now that we only have four links now! This means you get 150$ and 2 items (different per server) for each link! For this month, If you have over the max ammount of votes (120) you will not recieve the prize! Furthermore If you have more than 4 votes a day, you will not recieve the prize.
spentplanet4808 Again, another 2 1st placers.
nickshelton80 ao Yep, Good catch ...

Happy Halloween

nickshelton80 ao posted Oct 30, 14
Happy Halloween! 

Enjoy a free /kit halloween on most of our servers.
Remember to always check over your candy before you eat it.
~KingJar happy late halloween <3 -RoxieLOL
greenweirdo123 Someone was handing out homemade cookies on halloween. SEEMS LEGIT.
jerry884192 Enjoying the kit <3


nickshelton80 ao posted Oct 26, 14

Helper applications have been reset! They haven't been reset since July, so this was long over due. We reset applications to allow people to update their previous application. We also do this to clear out old applications of inactive, and even banned users, ect. Feel free to apply for helper, but please do yourself a favor and ensure that you actually meet the requirements. We don't want our time wasted and we don't want to waste your time either.

Q: "How many Helpers do you plan on adding?"
A: That's a simple one. As many as we need!

Q: "When are you adding these said Helpers?"
A: ".... Remember you aren't supposed to ask that?"

Q: "How will I know if I was choosen for Helper?"
A: Well, For one your name will be green, Two, you will be messaged.

We look forward to getting some new members onto the team! If you don't get Helper right away, that's no reason to pout and be jealous that those who do! Who knows, maybe your time will come shortly after!