Happy Halloween

nickshelton80 a posted 15 hours ago
Happy Halloween! 

Enjoy a free /kit halloween on most of our servers.
Remember to always check over your candy before you eat it.
Cathy0131 I love this holiday hope everyone enjoys a day of scaring ! I will be kill happy today also nick this kit was great ...
Huddling Happy halloween! I don't have access to /kit on prison though :L
FoxMystery happy halloween nick, thank you and enjoy. also remember to be safe at night as well


nickshelton80 a posted Sun at 22:22

Helper applications have been reset! They haven't been reset since July, so this was long over due. We reset applications to allow people to update their previous application. We also do this to clear out old applications of inactive, and even banned users, ect. Feel free to apply for helper, but please do yourself a favor and ensure that you actually meet the requirements. We don't want our time wasted and we don't want to waste your time either.

Q: "How many Helpers do you plan on adding?"
A: That's a simple one. As many as we need!

Q: "When are you adding these said Helpers?"
A: ".... Remember you aren't supposed to ask that?"

Q: "How will I know if I was choosen for Helper?"
A: Well, For one your name will be green, Two, you will be messaged.

We look forward to getting some new members onto the team! If you don't get Helper right away, that's no reason to pout and be jealous that those who do! Who knows, maybe your time will come shortly after!

KitPvP v3

nickshelton80 a posted Sat at 21:33
KitPvP version 3.0 is here and better than ever! Not all that much has changed, Just some tweaking and freshening up.

* New Map
* New 1v1 Area
* New Shop Items
* Launch pads at spawn

We're looking for some more suggestions on things to add! Like I said this update was mainly to switch things up a bit! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

nickshelton80 a If you can think of donator kits that won't be completely over powered agains the default kit, please let me know.
xrikxs o Ther needs te be Donator Classes like' /kit Donator '
spentplanet4808 What are Launch Pads?
Announcement of