SkyWars v2

nickshelton80 ao posted Sun at 17:38
SkyWars is now back on our network! This is personally one of my favorite games. It was initally removed due to the main plugin we used being extremely buggy. Now that same plugin has been taken over by a different developer. All the known bugs were fixed and now It's working flawlessly!

Now only two players are needed to start a game. Some arenas can hold 4 players, and some up to 8! I'll expand that as time goes on and as needed.

You can pick a kit to start off with extra items. And you can use your points to by things like bows, and swords! Points are earned by killing others and by winning games. You can also loose points by being killed!

Currently there are only three skywars maps, Jungle, CandyLand, and Beach. If you want to make us a Skywars arena, We're all for that! Creative plots are ideal for creating these as they are 128x128 now. If you do decide to make one for the server. Let us know in the comments below! 
Nathangreathan Arright. I've got a concept made. Check your messages.
nickshelton80 ao Nah they don't have to be 128x128. There's no real size but they can't be too big. They can either be 4players or 8playe ...
Nathangreathan I might very well be able to make a map if time allows. I assume 128x is the size of each skywars map? And I'd need to k ...

Creative v2

nickshelton80 ao posted Oct 16, 14
The creative server has been reset! This will clear all of the old laggy and inactive plots and allow room for new users to have plots!

* Plots are now 128x128, as apposed to the previous 64x64. This means a ton of new possible things for users to do on their plots.

* The WorldEdit limit has been increased from 10,000 blocks a time, to a modest 15,000 blocks.

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