99 Players DC Network


Nickshelton80 a posted May 7, 15

It's been a week since the offical reset on 5/1/15! Probably has felt longer than that, or maybe shorter. Anyway, I wanted to make a post to show the changelog on Towny and Factions. I've fixed a lot of bugs thanks to you guys giving reports.

Remember, Town refunds and Donator refunds end tomorrow. I won't be making any exceptions unless there's an extraordinary reason.


+ New Spawn

+ New /PVP (Thanks spark1!)

+ New /WILD's

+ Town Price is now 3,000$

+ Nation Price is now 6,000$

+ New Town Level Tags 

Leader = Highest Mayor Rank (500 Residents in Town)

Lord = Highest King Rank (800 Residents in Nation)

+ New minimum claim radius (10 plots)

+ mcMMO will now convert upon name change

- Towny data will still not convert (Dev's won't update)


+ New Spawn

+ New /PVP (Thanks Thorn!)

+ TNT Cannons Fixed

Mojang still nurfed long range cannons

+ Obsidian Destroyer is now functional

+ New Custom Factions Plugin

+ New Stats Scoreboard

+ New Faction Scoreboard

Walk into another faction land and see for yourself!

+ Faction names are now shown over head

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoy the changes, and the general refresh that a reset brings. Make sure you don't play too too much, or else you'll get bored!

Thornagator Two weeks in, and there's still no /pvp or /warp pvp xD I feel so accomplished <3
DarkTemplar87 There is no /pvp on factions.
coney8198 Love'n the new update nick you're the best. ...

New Pets

Nickshelton80 a posted Apr 9, 15

After an EXTREMELY long wait, we finally have the new pets! I'm extremely grateful that development on this plugin has continued. And I'm even more happy to finally have these pets on our server(s).

Endermite Pet - 2.50$ http://store.destructioncraft.com

1212d8 I assume that this means you can use name changes now?
OttomanMinecraft The endermite pet will be fun ...
_Fuzzy_ as soon as I saw this I went for the endermite pet ...