nickshelton80 a posted Fri at 8:21
I thought I'd make a post to show the recent changes on the server since the 1.8 update, along with the reset of our Towny, Factions, and KitPvP server. It's been nearly two weeks since the reset and so far we've fixed a ton of bugs and changed some things around.

* Added /protect to towny, shows how to get protection.
* Slimeblocks are now fully functional.
* Depth Strider now works properly.
* NoCheat in general has fixed a lot of bugs, PvP lag may still occur.
* KitPvP's Archer kit now has Power I instead of Punch I.
* /warp donate - Is now fixed on Towny / Factions alike.
* /<server> shortcut command, Now you can just do /hub, ect.
* New IP limit to the proxy, should reduce spam greatly.
* Factions shop is now completed! Get yo' gear!
* /call - Is now enabled on Towny & Factions once more.

I'll update the list as the changes flow in, this is what I could think of, off the top of my head :p
lx710 Will there be a coupon code for Christmas? im considering donating and want to get a pretty good rank.

November's Winners

nickshelton80 a posted Nov 30, 14
Congratulations to the top voters for the month of November! 

1st Place - yankfan419
2nd Place - yus0madbr0
3rd Place - ohhLukkey

Winners have one week to message me for their prize.
We're keeping the voting rewards the same for the month of December:

1st Place - 15$ Store Credit
2nd Place - 10$ Store Credit
3rd Place - 5$ Store Credit

You've probably noticed now that we only have four links now! This means you get 150$ and 2 items (different per server) for each link! For this month, If you have over the max ammount of votes (124) you will not recieve the prize! Furthermore If you have more than 4 votes a day, you will not recieve the prize.