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Skyblock Update

nickshelton80 a posted Fri at 20:47
Hey guys,

As you know by now if you are active on the forums, We had to reset skyblock due to a critical bug with Island generation. We've since reset islands, But everything else should remain the same. I'm going to do my best to give everyone their Islands back. Some have requested their Islands ahead of time, Which is awesome, Now to redeem your Island, you must do the following:

1.) Go to /server skyblock
2.) Do /is create
3.) Write down the coordinates to your new island.
4.) Make a comment on this post as to where your new island is.

Then after you do that, Allow up to 24 hours for me to give you your island back! I'll be taking requests for the next 7 days. Enjoy skyblock v2!
marioandzeldafan Island please: X: 900.50875 Y: 102.000 Z: 4495.23750 Thanks! BTW, I had 2000, can I have that back too? ...
bleep321 Hey Nick I saw the new Combat Log plugin, as much as much as I love it and like how it saves staff trouble, I saw how wh ...
nickshelton80 a All done ...

New Rank

nickshelton80 a posted Wed at 18:54
Due to popular demand and request, I've decided to listen to you guys and implement a rank beyond Legend. This will be the final rank, It was hard enough to decide what to put in this rank. We try our best to keep the ranks balanced, we don't want to be pay2win.

The Supreme rank is now 250$


/nick - Change your nickname anytime by yourself. (If this is abused in anyway it will be taken away from you).
/suicide - Kill yourself with this simple command!
/kit supreme - (Enchanted Protection II Diamond Armor every 72 hours).
/kit supremespawner - (Pig Spawner + Beacon 1 use per map.).
Access to set up to 300 homes!

Creative Perks:
/d herobrine - Disguise as Herobrine..
//cyl / //hcyl - Create a WorldEdit cylinder
//sphere / //hsphere - Created a WorldEdit sphere.
//pyramid / //hpyramid - Create a WorldEdit pyramid.

All of the WorldEdit commands above are limited to ensure that we keep a lag free enviornment.
spentplanet4808 lol I thought It said, One bacon to use per map xD
arispapa is he talking to me ...
epicarcher22 omg nick im mean come on saying hello beutiful were trying to keep our screenshots pg and who ever said that god this is ...
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