More Updates

nickshelton80 a posted Sat at 23:56
Hey guys,

Another update post incomming! Sorry if these are boring for some of you, but some like to see what we've been up to lately. As most of you know we just updated all servers on our network to 1.7.10. Needless to say that brough about a few bugs. We've been trying our best to squash them.

+ Added a new hub (We hired a build team).
+ Added Launch pads to the hub.
+ Added CHAIRS back! (You need signs as arm rests for it to work).
+ Added a custom 1v1 to KitPvP (/1v1 join).
+ Added a information bar to Creative.
= Edited the hub inventory, cleaned it up a bit.
= Edited the max level on KitPvP from 100 to 1000.
= Edited the health % on factions from 10% to 100%
= Edited the KitPvP stats (reset them :p).
* Fixed Pet GUI not working when you right click your pet.
* Fixed creative potion splash issue

Remember to post any suggestions and thanks to everyone who has been posting bug reports!

Small Update

nickshelton80 a posted Jul 17, 14
Hey guys,

Just a few small updates, Haven't made a post in a while so I just thought I would update everyone on some recent changes.

+ Added an "Introductions" forum.
+ Added salvage to Towny (Lv 600).
+ Added salvage to Factions (Lv 600).
+ Added Golden Apples to KitPvP Kits.
= Edited the MOTDs on all servers.
= Edited ObsidianDestroyer in Factions.
= Edited Towny's */shop*.
- Removed Slimes from Prison.

We're always taking suggestions, So feel free to post one!
Mr_Crafty_1 pets are not working proper unable to access pet menu to ride pet or change pet
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